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Waterfront Management and Safety


Mural/Graffiti Art Campaign


Safe Access Initiative


Signage Initiative

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Pesticides, Chemicals, and Road Salt Initiative


Accessibility Initiative

Beach access is often a challenge for visitors with mobility devices. The objective of the Beach Accessibility Initiative is to ensure public beach access for all citizens. Woodbine Beach has a Mobility Mat and Water Wheelchair (available on request). Kew Balmy Beach does not.  Mobility mats should be accessed easily from public transportation locations and parking lots. The Blue Flag Beach Criteria states that "It is strongly recommended that all Blue Flag beaches have facilities that allow access by the physically disabled granting them access to the beach, surrounding buildings, and the restroom facilities." TLC will work with the city and key stakeholders to improve access for all. 

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Lake Ontario is a treasured watershed. TLC is concerned about pesticide, aquatic herbicide and road salt use near the lake. TLC intends to investigate opportunities for improvement, and provide public education and oversight. The Pesticide, Chemicals and Road Salt initiative is a long-term, ongoing project.

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We all need to be informed or reminded of bylaws and best practices.  TLC is working with the city and key stakeholders to erect signage at various locations along the lakefront with respect to litter and garbage pickup, safe boating habits, and gentle reminders that we are all stewards of our public spaces.

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The stretch of beach east of the RC Harris Treatment Plant is being used by the public however there is no public access to the beach. We are concerned that the grounds by the Treatment Plant are being eroded, the slope to the beach is compromised, and there is no access by fire, police, or EMS creating a safety issue. TLC is working with our partners at the city, and key stakeholders to create safe public access to Secret Beach.

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Who doesn't love urban art? It can be colourful and creative and bring joy. But let's face it, some graffiti gives the impression that an area is abandoned, uncared for, or disrespected.
Unapproved graffiti is vandalism and goes against Toronto City Bylaw 485. TLC believes that some places should be kept pristine and natural. We are working in collaboration with the city and key stakeholders to eliminate the unsolicited graffiti along the natural shoreline.

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TLC supports and diligently advocates for the safe, clean and accessible enjoyment of Toronto’s Waterfront.

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