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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if there is an emergency or safety issue on the beach?

In case of Emergency, always call 911. For suggestions on how and when to call police or 311, you can take a look at our Tip Sheet by clicking Here.

How do I get added to the TLC volunteer list?

Please Contact Us with the Subject Line "Volunteer" to be added to our pool of volunteers.

How can I participate in a scheduled event?

Please go to the Event Page to sign up.

What is the best way to stay informed about what TLC is doing?

Please visit the Events Page or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Fun at the Beach

Helpful Links

Use these links to find helpful information about your lake. Let us know if you can't find what you are looking for and we will add a link.

FAQ: List

You can explore beach water quality results for Toronto's 10 supervised public beaches. Swimming is not recommended during and after storms, floods, or heavy rainfall. Cloudy water can be an indicator of high levels of bacteria that may pose a risk to human health. Conditions are based upon E. coli counts in beach water samples taken over the past 24 hours.

This water temperature animation depicts forecasted hourly surface water temperature for the next 30 hours. The hourly water temperature fields were created by spatially and temporally interpolating wind forecast guidance from the National Weather Service's operational NAM atmospheric forecast model. These hourly water temperature fields were used by LOOFS' hydrodynamic model to generate oceanographic forecast guidance for the Lake Ontario out to 30 hours.

The Swim Guide is a website that contains information about beaches around the world including water quality, directions to the beach, and a description of amenities. The Swim Guide is also available as a downloadable app (visit their website to get directions on how to download the app).

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